Thursday, 30 September 2010

Portsmouth - 7th September

Portsmouth - 7th September.

Shad and Myself had decided to leave a day early, and set up camp at Baker Barracks, on Thorney Island, spitting distance from the ferry terminal, it would give us chance to double check we have everything we need, before we get an an early breakfast, (at what has to be the most expensive burger van I've ever seen), and a short ride to the ferry tomorrow.

London and the M25... 4 hours to traverse 160 miles, all due to roadworks, and congestion on the sodding M25. No filtering either, especially not with a wide rear like the "Grand Wazoo" had... I could picture the panniers collecting paint samples before too long.

Getting down to the island, we set up tents just off the disused runway, incidentally, the same runway where Shad had previously broken his leg, flipping his KTM. It wasn't long before we were joined by Darren, and Alan was due down at some point too. Jason was meeting us on the ferry, and Alan's arival time was unknown, so the three of us headed off into town, for fish & chips.

We returned to camp around 9(ish), and the coleman surfaced for a brew of South African Rooibos tea (This was to see Darren convert on his return to England)

Alan then sent a text, to say he's run out of fuel up nr Birmingham, and that his bike has issues, ie: 90 miles to a 22 liter tank, plus two primus bottles, oh, and that it's running rough too. He''ll either see us after midnight, or take lodgings elsewhere. "Never mind", I retort, "ride safe, and we'll see you when we do"

Secretly, I wondered what the hell he was letting himself, and us in for, a 660, running rough, on what was to be a 4200 mile trip, and we haven't even left home yet.

Teeth brushing, & face-washing ensued, along with a cigarette, and a last cup of tea for me. We retired to our snug sleeping bags & thermarests at 23:00.....

Sadly, I was awakened at 04:00 by heavy rain, and the need to pee

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